TravelAnne is a platform dedicated to the power of exploration. It is intended to give travelers the kind of information they need to feel comfortable getting back on the road!

The venture combines the talents of the husband and wife team of Les and Anne Heintz.

Anne is a well known travel agent in Washington, DC catering to high-end clients who travel for business and pleasure. Les is a respected television and media executive who has produced multiple series for national networks.

Their vision is to create a platform dedicated to people who love the journey. It’s a site for explorers who happily suffer from wander-lust!

Anne and Les dated in high school, married after college, and have traveled the world over the last 40 years.

At TravelAnne, we believe in thoughtful travel. We believe that America is looking for a way to start exploring again. It’s not just about our economy. It’s also about people’s state of mind. We hope our voice helps you understand (and not fear) the new realities of travel.

Americans are explorers. Travel is in our nature. It’s built into our DNA. Once we realize travel is again possible, life will at least feel like it’s getting back to normal.

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Travel Anne Staff

Anne Heintz is an independent travel agent based in Washington, DC who always has her bag packed. She loves the fact that the journey creates memories and connections for her clients. She is affiliated with Worldwide Travel Associates and Tzell Travel. She is the co-founder & namesake of TravelAnne.com.

Les Heintz is a well respected television and media executive based in Washington, DC. He serves as Executive Producer for multiple media projects including the re-boot of The McLaughlin Group on public broadcasting. He is co-founder and Executive Editor of TravelAnne.com.

Natalie Heintz Love is Social Media Director for TravelAnne. She also serves as a staff writer for the blog. Natalie is a former college athlete who is transitioning from a career in health care to a role in the travel industry. More importantly, she writes like her Dad and gets her love of travel from her Mom.

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