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For travel related inquiries, please contact


For general inquiries or questions about content submissions, please contact


1900 Reston Metro Plaza

Suite 600

Reston VA 20190


We would LOVE for you be a contributor! Here’s our guidelines. Don’t be intimidated. You have something to say!


Send submissions between 250 and 1,000 words as Word attachments to If a member of our staff has not confirmed receipt beyond this message within two business days after you sent it, your submission has been declined. Usually you will hear faster than that if we’re interested, especially if your submission is on a trending topic.

technical guidelines

  • Use Associated Press style for copy.

  • Single space the text and between sentences.

  • Include a suggested headline at the top, with an alternative headline or subhead beneath.

  • Put the author’s name or authors’ names below the suggested headlines.

  • Include a brief (two-sentence) bio line at the bottom.

  • Use a coherent and clear essay structure.

  • Include photos or video to support your article with rights secured. Depending on the length of the article, we we recommended 15-40 photos.

  • Make sure you have checked for spelling errors and proofread for grammar mistakes.

  • Do not send multiple submissions of slightly altered versions. Let your article sit for 15 minutes after writing, then proofread before sending a single final version.

  • Embed links over the relevant text are allowed but may be removed.

  • Please do not send your submission anywhere else until you know whether we have accepted it.

  • If your submission exceeds 2,000 words, we will not read it.

overall guidelines

Successful submissions will fit a conversational style and tone on topics related to consumer and business travel. We largely seek two things: in-depth, thoughtful long reads on interesting travel, and punchy yet generous responses to current stories related to high-end consumer travel. Internet-friendly writing with social media embeds is a plus.

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