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City of Angels: Everyone Loves a Comeback Story!

Los Angeles has taken a beating over the last 15-months, but things are beginning to change. Pandemic restrictions have been lifted and life is starting to feel more normal. The question now is whether visitors will return to the City of Angels. Our bet is yes… sooner rather than later.

By Anne & Les Heintz

Editors Note:

Put Beverly Hills on your “short list” for an escape soon!


Let’s face it. Cities in America have taken a beating over the last year and a half. For the most part, a lot of people who live in cities are moving out. People who visit cities are generally traveling elsewhere.

We’re not ready to throw in the towel. We love the energy and vitality that cities offer travelers. For that reason, and many more, we believe American cities will very soon return to their rightful place as prime travel destinations. Besides, cities tend to have the best restaurants… and we love to eat!

Case in point: Los Angeles, California. Four months ago, a client who lives in LA wrote us to say his home city was “the most restrictive city in the most restrictive state relative to Covid rules.” But today Los Angeles is billing itself as “a comeback story.”

After 15 months of pandemic restrictions, California is officially open for business. June marked a full reopening of the state’s economy. Capacity limits have been lifted along with physical and social distancing requirements. Mask requirements have been lifted for fully vaccinated residents (with exceptions including public transportation and schools).

Although no longer state-mandated, businesses can still choose to keep some restrictions in place or require proof of vaccination, as some patrons are likely to continue to wear masks regardless of shot status.

Museums, theme parks and beaches are open. Restaurants and hotels are operating at something closer to normal. While we suspect it will be several months before the number of visitors returns to pre-2020 levels, these are all great signs.

That said, we know our readers. While you might like to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland or the Griffith Observatory… where you stay needs to be nice! There are a lot of great choices, especially when you include nearby Laguna Beach.

But for now, let's stay in LA proper and focus on the 90210!

Honestly there are very few places on the planet like Beverly Hills. The tree-lined streets are picturesque. The landscape is filled with grand mansions. The weather year-round is spectacular.

And then there’s the shopping! Whether you’re draining your wallet or just window-shopping, this needs to be on your schedule.

Beverly Hills is the ultimate upscale shopping destination. It’s home to the world’s most sought-after labels, sprinkled up and down the legendary Rodeo Drive strip and beyond. The Golden Triangle, bound by Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and Rexford Drive, boasts one of the most glamorous retail districts in the world, filled with jewelers and international fashion designer boutiques and flagship stores.

We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention one shop in particular run by a high school classmate from back in the day. E. Braun & Co of Beverly Hills specializes in luxury linens for the table, bed and bath.

Beverly Hills' reputation for shopping is rivaled only by its reputation as a world-class culinary destination. From fine dining to casual fare, no matter your taste, you’ll find a dining venue that is perfect for any occasion.

Legendary names and time-tested concepts, like Wolfgang Puck’s Spago and CUT Lounge, or Nobu Matsuhisa’s eponymous Matsuhisa.

The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel has been the favorite breakfast spot and watering hole for generations of stars and Hollywood deal-makers. The menu features many healthy salads, including the famous McCarthy Salad, as well as heartier fare, like gourmet burgers and steak frites. The name sprang from the lounge’s early regulars, including Will Rogers, who would stop in for a drink following a polo game. This historic restaurant continues to attract entertainment industry executives and celebrities, making it the ultimate afternoon power-dining spot.

The shopping, the restaurants, the night life are all wonderful. But what makes Beverly Hills… well… Beverly Hills, are the hotels!

Beverly Hills features 17 hotels with over 2,200 rooms in a variety of styles, price points, and options— from full-service suites to European-style neighborhood boutique properties. Legendary hotels with star-studded histories provide an immersive Old Hollywood experience, while contemporary concepts boast haute design and deluxe modern amenities.

The hotel “scene” is something to behold, whether hanging out at the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, taking advantage of an Asian inspired spa treatment at the Peninsula, or pretending to be Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” frequenting a suite at the Beverly Wilshire. There will be plenty of opportunities to “escape” your every-day world even if just for a day or two. Why not enjoy a bit of “star” gazing as no doubt the opportunity will happen while at breakfast, in the bar or elevator!

In short, Beverly Hills is a bit of an oasis within the confines of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It’s the perfect setting for any vacation or business trip. That said, there are many great destinations in LA/Southern California like Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu. We feature a number of interesting options in this weeks edition.

Editor's Note:

Travel can be tricky but not impossible. You need a trusted advisor to guide you along the way.


Anne and Les Heintz are Co-founders of Anne is a Travel Advisor. Les is a television & media producer. They are based in Washington, DC and have been traveling the world since they met in high school more years ago than they care to admit. They can be reached at

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