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Game Changer Getting Home No Matter What!

First of its kind travel insurance promises if you get sick overseas they'll get you home! It is a unique member program for individuals and families looking for a dedicated, private transport back to their home city should they contract Covid-19 while out of the country.

By: TravelAnne Staff Writers & Wire Services

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As we have said for months, Americans are still traveling. Not as many as in pre-COVID times but more than you realize. Domestic travel will undoubtedly increase as the vaccine is distributed but for both business and leisure travelers there still remains a major hurdle.

For many international jetsetters, the biggest fear of traveling during the pandemic isn’t getting infected with COVID-19 but getting stuck for weeks and possibly hospitalized in another country.

A new company says it can do what others can’t or won’t. Covac Global is a startup offering an indemnified evacuation and repatriation service through a tiered membership program that — unlike other services — will cover individuals even after they report symptoms of COVID-19 or who test positive for the disease.

Simple put, they will get you home no matter what!

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Covac Global launched its service late last summer. It is the first fully indemnified COVID-19 membership program for US business and leisure travelers. With travel back on the radar, people in the US can now travel worldwide with confidence knowing that if they should contract COVID-19 while abroad Covac Global will arrange and pay for a private aircraft with medical team on board to transport them back to their home city.

The company is true to its motto "Get Sick. Get Home."

That said, the service is not cheap! Individual memberships start at $675 for 15 covered travel days within one year. Higher tiers are available for 30 days, 60 days or more of coverage. Family memberships are also available.

Covac Global CEO Ross Thompson told Forbes Magazine in a recent interview that the company is a game changer in these coronavirus times.

“Our program provides peace of mind that you can leave a country even after you start to feel ill. If you are in Barbados or the Dominican Republic, we can have you back home by dinner time. If you’re in Europe or New Zealand, it may take 24 hours. The idea is that we want to get you home and get you out of there before you might need to go to a hospital. We want to be able to bypass that whole hospitalization process in another country.”

Covac Global is aimed at those who are frequent travelers and are looking to resume their normal transit activities having been unable to do so till now due to exclusions or limitations in their existing insurances. Most regular travel insurance policies, if they cover COVID-19 at all, only offer to evacuate a traveler to the nearest suitable medical facility.

Covac Global requires a positive COVID-19 test and one symptom that is reviewed with their medical team, before their coverage kicks in.

"A thousand dollars (for 30 days), may sound steep, until you consider that chartering a private plane could cost 100 or 200 times that amount," Thompson told Forbes. “It’s the same kind of my mindset as buying insurance, where, if something happens, you have spent $1,000 so you don't have to spend $190,000.”

Covac Global has built a world-class team comprised of in-house physicians, crisis management professionals and underwriting experts, many of which have spent distinguished careers in military special operations and leading insurance organizations.

As their motto goes... "Get Sick. Get Home."

Editors Note:

If this innovative service fits you... we're here to help.

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