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The Moorings Comes to the USA!

Unforgettable moments on the water are closer than you think. A vacation yacht charter is now just a car ride (or a short flight) away.

By: Sammy Sobich

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The Moorings has been selling the open seas for over 50 year! The concept is perfect for the right traveler: A chartered boat complete with Captain, crew, food and drink. They offer a wide variety of boats, which can make a 3, 4 or 7 night charter a realistic option for a family or group of friends.

Before this year, their exotic locations added to the experience. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean… even Tahiti, Thailand or the Seychelles?

Then 2020 happened and fewer people wanted to take longer flights.

Recently, The Moorings made an announcement that addresses that issue. The company launched charter service out of St. Petersburg, Florida. This service is in partnership with a company called Sailing Florida and it represents its first venture in the United States.

“This is brilliant,” says DC Travel Advisor Anne Heintz. “There is a vibrant sailing community out there ready to book. This move opens the door for people in that category who want to drive rather than fly on a longer commercial flight.”

“Plus, the gulf coast waters tend to be warmer than the Atlantic, making this a great holiday getaway.”

Born in 1969, The Moorings came to life when Navy veteran and sailing enthusiast, Charlie Cary, turned his passion for boating into a small business. The original fleet consisted of just six Pearson yachts, which has now expanded to 400 active yachts that span the globe today. The couple, Charlie and Ginny, tirelessly recruited crews from local communities and treated each party like family. 50 years after launching, The Moorings has gained the respected reputation of offering the world’s premier yachting excursions and crewed charters.

Every charter comes with a “Charter Starter Kit” which includes basics such as fresh water, bagged ice, cleaning supplies and bathroom necessities. The kit also arranges a dinghy with outboard to get guests to and from shore and snorkel gear for all passengers.

Every yacht in the fleet boasts a stepped-hull design that optimizes performance in the water to provide a smooth ride and a helm station for 360-degree visibility.

A crewed charter yacht provides guests an immaculate dining experience. The Moorings selects highly trained gourmet chefs from all over the world to cater to all dining needs to provide for the best experience possible.

The Charters out of St. Petersburg can be as long as you’d like. Moorings recommends no shorter than 4 nights. For our part, we think the 7 day itinerary looks perfect.

For those of you who are more adventurous, The Moorings has over 20 destinations across the globe to choose from. Guests can book trips to the Caribbean islands, the Americas, the Mediterranean and other exotic destinations.

At the onset of COVID, Florida, Tahiti and Brazil remained open while the BVI announced tourism will reopen December 1st. All other charter destinations are currently waiting to announce reopening dates. All guests set to depart prior to December 1st will receive a credit certificate and have the choice to reschedule their charter if they so desire.

The Moorings have been taking every safety measure imaginable to ensure guests remain healthy and safe. Staff are required to wear personal protective equipment, adhere to social distancing guidelines as well as follow strict handwashing and sanitizing policies. All Onboard Crew members have been trained in CSD (cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection) procedures. Staff have extensive knowledge on safe food handling practices, waste management, and medical requirements.

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** Samantha Sobich is a Journalism student at the University of South Carolina. She is also a virtual intern with Heintz Media Group and a contributor to When not on campus, she resides in Charleston, SC.