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A number of our readers have reached out to us with questions about travel in these crazy times. Here's a handful that pretty much represent the general theme. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we promise to do our best and always be honest!

By: Anne Heintz

Editors Note: Have questions? Ask away!

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Katie in McLean, VA: Where are people going when they travel?

Hi Katie, My clients are taking domestic driving trips or trips with non-stop flights. I am happy to report that interest in festive reservations is happening and now am a bit worried about availability for popular destinations!

Nikki in Milwaukee, WI: Where can I go?

Great Question Nikki, If you are willing to get a PCR COVID-19 test within 48 to 72 hours of travel you can presently go to Antigua, St Lucia, St Barts, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Bermuda, Grenada, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Tahiti, Maldives, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Costa Rica, Croatia, Belize, Hawaii….and the list is growing!

Paul in Grosse Pointe, MI: How do I get there... especially if I want (or have to) to fly?

That’s the spirit Paul! First thing I would suggest is that you work with an experienced Travel Advisor. Preferably me! Airlines have substantially cut back on flights with the third-tier markets affected the most. Otherwise planes are operating! You can even get to Europe if you are willing to first quarantine in the UK for 14 days, and from there have access to certain countries in the EU without further quarantine (obviously this is an ever changing thing!)

Tim in Palm Beach, FL: How do I get a PCR-COVID-19 test?

Hi Tim, There are a number of options. Here’s what we offer. Our agency now has partnered with ImmunitiRX, to offer in-home PCR Covid testing kits with 24-36 hour results. ImmunitiRX uses the lab MicroGenDX in association with Southwest PCR. They have CAP/CLIA/ISO accreditation. The kits are $225. If you order 4 or more they will give a 10% discount. In order to get this special rate you must order at the following link:

Jack in Los Angeles, CA: Are you scared to travel?

Personally I am not scared as I have already done some traveling. I will admit I felt anxious my first trip to the airport. Once I got on the plane and saw all the protocols taking place both in the airport and on the aircraft I felt such a feeling of excitement and freedom! For me, it was similar to when my mother made me get in the car and drive the day after my first car accident at age 16. She said, “you have to do this or otherwise you will be afraid to drive.” I DO understand however that there are those that have pre-existing health conditions and prefer to sit on the sidelines for a bit. Am I concerned about large crowds? ABSOLUTELY! I do feel though that for the most part you can make appropriate choices that work for your comfort level.

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