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Dear Explorers! 11/23/20

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Another Note to My Current & Future Clients!

Families are gathering for the holidays… well sort of! Some of us may not be able to celebrate the way we have in the past. HAVE FAITH! While we may not be doing what we want right now, we can plan for tomorrow’s adventure. And there’s no better place than the holiday dinner table to start!

By: Anne Heintz

There is light at the end of this tunnel!

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Although I LOVE decorating for Christmas, in many ways Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. All Americans and others who live in our country celebrate no matter what their faith. Those who don’t have close by family are usually included in someone else’s celebration. “Friendsgiving” might even be included in Websters Dictionary as a real word for all I know!

Stop the press! “PAUSE,” as we have heard so often and keep everyone safe. We know that this has to take precedence this year. For many it will be a turkey zoom. There are still family traditions that can be adapted. I have certainly heard a lot of creative people out there who will put a different spin on things. No doubt there will sharing of food preparation over the internet . Lots of folks will learn how to prepare things that they have never done before! More recipes will be passed down from older family members.

Others have already taken off and are spending Thanksgiving week with their immediate family in a tropical location. For some, this may be a new “tradition.” For others, it’s business as usual… as much as that can happen these days!

As I’ve said many times since we launched this site, people are traveling. Not as many as a year ago, but more people than you realize. They’re just being careful, creative and quiet! There is a second group of people who have reached the end of their rope and are planning to vacate very soon. Finally, there is a third group who will not travel until a vaccine is widely distributed… which by the way appears to be on the horizon.

What do these three groups have in common? The answer is simple: THEY WANT TO TRAVEL!

Regardless of which group you find yourself in, my advice is the same. Start the conversation and begin thinking about what you want to do and where you want to go. This is a perfect topic for discussion over the holidays whether it be during a family holiday dinner or over a glass of eggnog next to the fireplace or your next Zoom cocktail hour!

As you spend time with those who are “nearest and dearest” whether it be remotely or in person do know that “Cyber Monday” exists in the travel world too! Surprise of all surprises for most hotels, tour operators and cruise lines it’s not just November 30. For many it starts on November 23 and runs through the end of the month!

Do you have a favorite destination or hotel? A bucket list place that you want to scratch off your list? Over the months I have spoken with many of you, who are anxious to get back on the road. Time to start planning with your loved ones this week for the future!

Vaccine and vacation have a nice ring!

Please, we as Americans still have a lot to be thankful for. We have learned to be even more resilient than we ever thought possible. I dare say that those who are family and friends mean that much more than ever before! Take some time to relax, reflect , and re-charge over the next week. Don’t give up on the dream. If I can help please let me know no matter how small.

**Anne Heintz is an independent travel advisor based in Washington, D.C. who always has her bag packed. She loves the fact that the journey creates memories and connections for her clients. She is affiliated with World-Wide Travel Associates in DC and Tzell Travel in NYC. She is co-founder and namesake of Anne can be reached at or 202 470 3791.

Editor’s Note: If you can’t spend the festive season with other loved ones, but feel OK to venture forth, there are options!

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