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Four Seasons Hotel NYC Downtown Launch Inspired Kid Amenities

Award-winning luxury lifestyle Hotel partners with line of children’s travel books and toys to inspire kids to discover the hidden gems of Manhattan. Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown now offers the Aya & Pete collection as a guest amenity to young explorers.

Courtesy Four Seasons Resorts

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Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown and children’s media company Ashima are together unveiling a curated collection of children’s amenities for globetrotting families. The creator of the beloved Aya & Pete children’s travel book series, Ashima has created a New York City-themed children's amenity available to families who stay overnight at the TriBeCa hotel.

The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in New York book, plush Pete doll and a custom map of New York City will encourage kids to take on the Big Apple with two new friends. Featuring a personalized note from the Hotel, the Aya & Pete amenity kit welcomes children to the city and invites them to document their favourite experiences during the trip.

Through the collection, parents can introduce their children to the wonders of New York City from a child’s perspective and expand their imaginations beyond measure.

“The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in New York is a delightful journey through New York City for both children and those young at heart,” says Thomas Carreras, Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown General Manager. “We are always looking to enhance our guest experiences and that always includes our youngest guests. We want families to enjoy our new Aya & Pete-themed amenities during their stay in New York and to bring it home as a special keepsake of their time with us.”

Launched in 2018 by travelling mother-daughter writer duo Serena Minott and then five-year-old Asha Gore, The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete debuted in Paris, following a girl named Aya and her trusty sloth Pete around the City of Light. Since then, the Aya & Pete world has grown to include two more books and a collection of toys and games that educate kids about global geography, languages, foods, currencies, landmarks, and cultures.

“Together with Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, we are amplifying the message of Aya & Pete, which is to inspire the next generation of global citizens,” comments co-author Minott. “Through our travels, we have seen how much the world has to teach young children. This collaboration creates a wonderful opportunity for us to get children curious about New York, excited to explore the city, and more involved in the travel experience.”

“Plus, it’s fun to share my favorite spots around New York with other kids!” adds co-author Gore, now age nine.

While Asha has been fortunate to have visited 30+ countries before the age of ten, inspiring the stories in the Aya & Pete books, her parents understand that not every child can replicate her experiences. The underlying goal is to bring the world – and the knowledge and intangible values we gain from travel – to children through storytelling. The co-creators of Aya & Pete want other children to know that there’s a big world out there and that they belong in it.

A lifelong travel enthusiast herself, Minott first dreamed up the idea for Aya & Pete when she sought books to encourage her daughter’s love of reading and growing interest in the places they were visiting. “I searched all over, and could not find any books that shared information about the world through a child’s eyes, and certainly none with a multicultural lens.” That realization spurred the pair to create the books together, drawing on their own travel experiences.

The hotel partnership follows the recent launch of the Aya & Pete Play Learn Explore app, bringing their unique perspective and fun, educational approach to children’s screens. In addition, the fourth installment of The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete will be published this fall, as the duo explore a new location together.

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