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In Their Own Words! Love Letter to Italy

Courtesy Belmond LTD

Belmond is a company that specializes in hotel and luxury travel adventures. We are huge fans. Before the lockdown, Italy was by far the favorite destination of our audience. For those of you in that category, we offer a wonderful video courtesy Belmond.

"My Love Letter to Italy." A film written and narrated by Emmy award-nominated director, Francesco Carrozzini.

Experience a new Italian renaissance. Be seduced by the golden light of Tuscany; savour the sweet taste of tradition with a ‘gelato’ in Portofino’s piazza, cherish the feeling of sun kissed skin after long days on the Amalfi Coast and lose yourself, and time, exploring the wild nature of Sicily before returning to the warm hospitality of Belmond - where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. From romantic encounters for ‘Amore Cortese’ to escapes in the beauty of nature and the welcome embrace of human virtues - it's time to fall in love with Italy, all over again.

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