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TravelAnne Video: Where Two Oceans Meet!

This is "must-see" video that somehow ended up in our in-box. We're not sure who shot this but we just had to share it. Watch closely and you'll be amazed!

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Where the atlantic ocean and pacific ocean meet.

Remarkable video from a cruise ship. The straights of Juan del Fuego, at the tip of south america, (south of argentina and chile) is where the Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean meet without mixing.

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Why do these waters not mix? Because there is a huge difference in salinity between the clear water that comes from melting glaciers, which is cool and low in salt, while the water from the second ocean has a high salt concentration. Therefore, the two oceans have different densities, which makes them almost impossible to mix.

Watch closely. What you think at first is the horizon is actually the other ocean. It becomes apparent around :30. After that, it's hard to turn away!

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