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VA Beach: The Cavalier Experience

The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club is an experience like no other. Its luxurious resorts encompass all your needs, whether sticking your toes in the sand or exploring the area surrounding the hotel! This resort needs to go on your

By Alexis McCaffrey

Editor’s Note:

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Picking the perfect hotel for my 21st getaway became easier than expected when my friend mentioned the Cavalier. She casually said “girl you only turn 21 once “ with a chuckle. She was right and that night I booked the Cavalier for two nights. Go big or go home right?

Pulling up to The Historic Cavalier I was created by a nice doorman who offered to carry my bags. The check-in process was simple and only took a few minutes. The manager smiled as he handed me my keycard and said “I hope you have a great day and a wonderful birthday”. He hinted at the surprise in my room complimentary of the Cavalier.

I took the fancy elevator up to my room on the 4th floor. I walked in and saw cookies on a plate with a note tucked under it. Happy birthday 21st birthday from the Cavalier. I sat and munched on my delicious free birthday cookies. This was just the beginning of my amazing experience at the Cavalier.

I sat and gazed out my bedroom window before I cozied up in my King size bed. The sheets were so soft. I was Heaven. The next day I woke up bright and early ready for the day's festivities.

I slipped into my birthday attire and proceeded to explore more parts of the hotel. I took the fancy elevator down to the main floor. I walked out into the lobby and made my way into an area where a man was playing a lovely tune on a piano as the fire crackled in the background. It was a vibe and I was digging it.

As made my way back into the room I saw a complimentary hot tear bar. I walked over and glanced at all the variations of tea. Alongside the variations of tea were these adorable mini jars of honey (I definitely took a few). I made myself a cup of tea and sat down as I enjoyed the ambiance of the room and just reflected for a bit. It was nice and calm exactly what I wanted.

After a bit of reflection, I made my way over to the front desk and asked about what activities they recommend for freshly turned 21-year-old. They laughed and suggested the Hunt Room for late-night drinks and Becca for a great cocktail.

Since it was a bit chilly that day because as we all know Virginia weather is so unpredictable *eye roll*. They suggested that an indoor pool would be up my alley that also included a spacious hot tub. I took their recommendations and planned out the rest of my day accordingly.

I decided to get breakfast at a nearby vegan place called CLTRE known for their vegan waffles. I ordered and then posed in front of their Instagrammable wall for a cute pic. After I ate I explored a comic bookstore next door.

Before heading back to the hotel I made one last stop at a bookstore called Read Books located in the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. It was tiny and adorable and satisfied my inner book nerd. After debating on which book to buy or simply just buying every book in the store I decided to drive back to the hotel.

Upon arrival, I was complimented on my birthday outfit as I was helped out of my car and received valet parking so I wouldn’t have to walk in my heels out to my car. I walked back to my room and changed into my swimsuit. I slipped on my white Cavalier slippers and made my way down to the pool.

I walked down to the lower level where the entrance to the gorgeous pool was. The pool itself was an experience. It had a wall on the left side of the pool with fountains attached to it. The fountains were lions' heads that had water shooting out of its mouth into the pool. On the right side of the pool was a balcony area where guests could sit. The balcony area was connected to the same area where the hot tea bar and piano were.

I remained mainly in the hot tub area, but took a cannonball plunge at the end! After swimming for a few hours my stomach growled and I knew it was time for lunch and perhaps a fancy cocktail.

I quickly changed and went to the Becca that was recommended by the front desk. The Becca was an upscale restaurant located in the hotel known for its farm-to-table values. I didn’t make a reservation but they were able to accommodate me and there was no wait!

I sat down and glanced over the menu everything looked delicious! My server recommended the signature crab cake sandwich and offered a handmade cocktail that would pair nicely with it. I took my server up on their recommendations and placed my order. As I waited I glanced around the restaurant the ambiance was airy and relaxing. I enjoyed my lovely meal and even got complimentary dessert. The service was amazing alongside the food and I would highly recommend putting Becca on your must-eat list!

After my meal, I went back to my room for a short nap in my giant King sized bed before reservations dinner and the late-night drinks that would follow. I woke up a little bit before my dinner reservation with enough time to put on some makeup and slip into some formal attire.

I had made reservations at a well-known Italian restaurant just down the block called Aldo’s. The food was delicious and matched the appetite I had after I finished my giant glass of red sangria. Make sure to ask for their complimentary focaccia bread and red sauce, it’s to die for! After feeling stuffed I made my way back to my car with my leftovers and complimentary dessert in hand.

I drove back to the hotel and then quickly went up to my room to stash my leftovers in my hotel room fridge then head down to the Hunt Room for more drinks. The Hunt Room was more of a party meets bar atmosphere it was lively and fun. The drinks were good and strong!

The Hunt Room closed officially at 1 am and everyone slowly made their way back to their rooms. It made for a more memorable closer on my last night at the Cavalier.

I went back to my room and reflected on my stay at the Cavalier. The service was impeccable and every aspect from the dining, the pool, and the atmosphere was perfect. The Cavalier is a hotel that is an experience everyone should have! Book your stay today with Travel Anne!

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**Alexis McCaffrey is a senior at George Mason University completing her Bachelors Degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She is also a intern with Heintz Media Group, and is a staff writer for



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