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Dear TravelAnne Explorers! California Dreaming

After a short hiatus, we're back exploring the world of travel! Summer is officially here. People are hitting the road and enjoying travel once again. Right now, most people are exploring the USA while many others are planning trips abroad!

By: Anne Heintz

Editor's Note:

Whether it's a 2-week escape or a 2-day weekend getaway, we're here to make it happen.

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We are moving towards something that feels kind of “normal,” especially when it comes to travel. At the very least things are certainly beginning to feel more “normal” than a year ago. Airports are full, cruise lines are setting sail this summer and hotels are scrambling to hire staff in anticipation of being near capacity.

Like anything else, the first step is the hardest. In travel, it begins with getting on the aircraft!

Let’s face it. It still feels strange to put on a mask. It’s uncomfortable, it can make it difficult to breathe and/or make your glasses fog up, and it’s a reminder that things aren’t quite yet fully normal.

That said, many of you have already taken that first step and discovered it’s easier than you expected. Distribution of the vaccine is a game changer. It makes many more things possible if you are at all worried about your health or someone else’s who is near and dear to you. You want to be able to give them a hug!

We were on hiatus for most of May. Some had to do with the fact that I was thankfully pretty busy with new requests. More importantly though, our youngest daughter and TravelAnne social media wiz got married!

The wedding date had been rescheduled twice thanks to COVID. But on May 30th the third time was the charm! Needless to say, we were pre-occupied with all things wedding. Not to mention that one of their honeymoon destinations, St Barts was still not open two weeks before departure! Never a dull moment in the world of travel.

We of course pivoted and they spent their entire time on the Island of Anguilla. The beach there feels like talcum powder! They pulled a “travel agent” trick and stayed at two different properties. You will read more about that experience in a future TravelAnne.

Before we go “all in” on the re-opening of Europe we wanted to take the time to feature the western part of the USA, namely Southern California. A good many of you have already locked in your “usual” beach rental for the summer, but are also craving another adventure, whether a weekend, week or longer. Why? Because you CAN!

I am always a proponent of supporting regions that have been through a “downturn” and certainly Southern California was really restricted for a lengthy period of time and could use all of our support! As of June 15, all systems are “GO” in the Golden State. There will still be some mask restrictions in place, I think county-dependent, but aren’t we used to that anyway?

Finally, I hope you like our new look. We used our hiatus to refresh the website. The goal was to give it a clearer look and make it easier for you to find your way around. Nothing major. More like renewing your passport with a new picture!

As Always, Happy Trails & Keep Dreaming!

**Anne Heintz is an independent travel advisor based in Washington, D.C. who creates lifetime memories for her clients located all over the world.She loves the fact that the journey creates memories and connections for her clients.She is affiliated with World-Wide Travel Associates in DC and Tzell Travel in NYC.She is co-founder and namesake of can be reached at Follow her on Instagram @TravelAnneBlog

Editor’s Note:

Another mode of travel, namely cruising will also be back this summer. By mid- July we should see the beginning of itineraries out of USA ports, BUT in the meantime more cruise lines have announced sailings out of Bermuda, Nassau, St Maarten to name a few!

If the high seas are calling you, Click Here to connect and I can find something for you that’s not too far away….


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