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Now That We Can Travel, Where Are We Going?

Airports are full and Americans are exploring the world again. But the travel landscape is changing. Here’s what to expect!

By Tarah Jean

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Life is starting to feel more “normal.” The world is re-opening and Americans are traveling again.

There are still safety protocols to manage. That’s especially true when traveling outside of the U.S. But Americans are resilient explorers and ready to get back on the road.

Both domestic and international travel rates are much higher than a year ago. A recent Oracle commissioned survey shows that domestic travel will account for 61% of travel plans compared to 44% last year. 20% of travelers will go abroad, doubling last year’s international travelers of 10%.

Destination Analysts shows that 28.2% of travelers said their most recent travel experience has made them more enthusiastic to travel.

A Forbes article explains what travel agents report their clients are looking into the most. The ultimate search is for more luxurious trips that are long in duration. This was not the case before the pandemic.

“There are clients that have been dreaming of getting back ‘across the pond!’” said Travel Advisor Anne Heintz. “Certainly, Italy is always the number one travel destination for Americans wanting to go to Europe. 2021 is no exception.

“In the last ten days to two weeks, the EU voted to let vaccinated Americans in. A number of countries have specifically opened their doors to us with updated protocols. Opening in May, ‘leaders of the pack’ were Iceland, Greece and Croatia. Some of the U.S. airlines even added non-stops to those countries from major markets that never had them before.”

Traveling abroad is definitely on the rise for American travelers. More and more people look forward to getting back out into the world.

There’s also just as much to do within the U.S. borders as there are outside of them. This is perfect for the few people in search of a good time away from home but not too far away. Many locations right under our noses are more than willing to entertain voyage seekers.

A Wall Street Journal article shows that landscapes in many cities are being transformed completely. New spaces for outdoor performances, extra bike lanes and food trucks with seating are attracting visitors. Urban areas are coming strong with ways to nail the transition back to normalcy with these changes.

Take Los Angeles, California for example. Outdoor entertainment spots have been added near its Music Center for dance performances. The same goes for concert areas that have been created in other locations around the city. Amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags are open to anyone looking for fun, and so are the city’s well-known stadiums for the sports fans.

Phoenix, Arizona is another one. The indoor attractions in this city are countless. There are also many outdoor activities in the city’s wide open spaces for adventurous travelers to enjoy. Areas near the Superstition Mountains or red rocks of Sedona are perfect for camping and spending a night under the stars. The infamous Sonoran Desert can be hiked or viewed in midair while soaring above it in a hot air balloon. Let’s not forget about the Grand Canyon, either.This natural formation is a highly recommended sight to visit in Phoenix.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we traveled by car last May to the Northern Neck of Virginia to rent a home,” Anne said. “We flew to Florida in June, rented a car and visited family partially so that I could record my experience for my clients. In August, We drove to Florida and stayed in two different resorts; we also stayed in a hotel in Charleston for two days. December found us spending a weekend in Baltimore. Last but not least, we drove to Florida in March, rented a condo for two weeks and finished up our trip by spending a few nights in Savannah in a hotel.

“I have had multiple clients who have gone out west to Montana, Wyoming or Utah for summer getaways as well as winter ski vacations. Driving trips to New England were also quite popular during summertime for both families and couples. The mountains of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina were also locales that clients traveled to.”

Whether it’s taking a road trip to explore domestically or booking a flight to go abroad, Americans continue to keep the spirit of traveling alive!

**Tarah Jean is an undergraduate student at Florida State University studying Editing, Writing and Media. She is also an intern with Heintz Media Group assigned to the TravelAnne editorial team.

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