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The Honeymoon Boom

Love is in the air and we have the green light to travel! New and not-so-newlyweds are flocking to their ideal honeymoon destinations. In what we hope will become a regular feature, here are some wonderful places to start (or restart) your most important relationship.

By: Dorrie McDaniels

Editor's Note:

Escape and re-connect with the most important person in your life. We're here to make it happen.

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We've been booking a number of honeymoons lately and for good reason.

The brides and grooms of the COVID era take the cake in terms of wedding stress. With postponing, social distancing, face masks, testing positive, and Zooming, it's a miracle any of them managed to say 'I do'. As the chaos finally begins to settle, these courageous and determined newlyweds are eager to experience marital bliss. The honeymoon boom has begun.

Here's a sample of some of our favorite destinations and hotels for 2022 and 2023.


Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands with a unique history of being formed after a massive volcanic eruption around 1650 B.C. Today, Santorini is a popular tourist destination, especially among honeymooners, for its unusual black and red beaches and iconic whitewashed houses. Another draw of Santorini is Ancient Thira. Home to three ancient civilizations first claimed by the Dorians (ancient Greeks) in the 9th century B.C., later home to the Hellenistic (Greek empire built by Alexander the Great), and lastly the Roman and Byzantine (eastern Roman empire).

Here are some of our favorite resorts on this beautiful island!

Andronis Arcadia

This video is courtesy of the Andronis Hotel

Andronis Arcadia is the newest addition to the Andronis family of five-star hotels. Located in Oia, Arcadia is perfectly situated to offer convenient access to the nearby village but remains a serene resting place for its guests. The ideal suite to book for your honeymoon would be the Sunset Suite. The suite offers unparalleled sunset views plus a private infinity pool.

Canaves Oia

Photo is courtesy of the Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel

All Canaves Oia hotel suites are newly renovated. The hotel went with an anesthetic of dazzling white and simplicity. For your honeymoon suite, you can choose one of two options either an open plan bedroom and spacious living room or a separate bedroom from the living room and a spacious bathroom with a rain shower.

Grace Santorini

This video is courtesy of the Grace Santorini Hotel

One of the biggest draws of the Grace Santorini is the Grace Suite with Plunge Pool. A list of some of the highlight amenities are the in-room spa treatments, an extended terrace with sun loungers, two plunge pools, one interior and the other on the extended balcony.


These photos are courtesy of

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. In fact, we book more trips to Italy than any other country... and it's not even close. It is a beautiful country with a long and fascinating history. It also offers such a variety of experiences that we encourage our explorers to plan multiple trips to this country full of wonders.

For instance, visiting Rome is an entirely different experience than if you were to visit Lake Como. So if sightseeing is what your heart desires, Italy would be the ideal honeymoon destination for you.

If the hotel experience is your top priority, Italy has some of the greatest choices in the world. Here are a few of our favorites:

Portrait Firenze

These photos are courtesy of the Portrait Firenze

Priding itself on not being a luxury hotel. Instead, Portrait Firenze offers a more authentic experience for its guests. Located in the heart of Florence, Portrait Firenze is designed to bring the heart and soul of the people of Florence to life. Portrait Firenze Offers a variety of suite options but to experience something remarkable, we recommend you get a suite with a river view. The views are absolutely stunning. As a bonus Portrait Firenze also offers custom itineraries to create your perfect vacation.

Monastero Santa Rosa

These photos are courtesy of the Monastero Santa Rosa

What is now known today as the Monastero Santa Rosa was originally a Dominican monastery built in the 17th C. Not only is The architecture in this building rich with history, but it also offers impeccable panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast. One of the biggest draws for Santa Rosa is its terraced levels of Mediterranean gardens. Santa Rosa also offers a couple’s package called the Rosa Romance. Several experiences offered in the Rosa Romance is an 80-minute couple massage, a five-course candlelit dinner, and so much more, which would be the ideal romantic setting for any newlyweds.

Il Borgo

These photos are courtesy of the Il Borgo

Il Borgo is one of Tuscany's most historic and best-preserved sites. This ancient stone hamlet was built in the 1700s to house farmers. This undisturbed architecture allows guests to immerse themselves in the Tuscan countryside. With Il Borgo only offering nine rooms and five suites, you are guaranteed peace and serenity. So relax and enjoy your stay. Go for a swim in the pool overlooking the Sangiovese vineyards. Or take a stroll in the lovely white rose garden where you'll see superb panoramic views of Tuscany's rolling hills.


Hawaii is another destination that offers a variety of experiences.

Technically there are 137 islands in Hawaii. The vast majority are small islands, islets, and atolls that stretch for 1,500 miles. Actually, there are 8 main islands recognized as the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu may be the best know because it's where the capital city of Honolulu is located.

Honolulu is very nice. It's home to Pearl Harbor and is often featured in movies and TV series. But to us it feels a bit like Miami Beach... not that there's anything wrong with that. But we believe if you're going that far, you should look for something more unique and special.

The three most popular islands for TravelAnne Explorers are Maui, Kauai and Lanai.

Andaz Maui at Wailea

These photos are courtesy of the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort

Set on 15 beachfront acres, Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort is a luxury hotel. Here you’ll find regional farm-to-table dining and rooms boasting tropical views. If you wish to soak up the sun with a pool day, don't worry; Andaz Maui has you covered. Home to five pools, including three ocean-facing, cascading infinity pools, a lagoon pool, and an adult tranquility pool. But no honeymoon would be complete without a trip to the spa, so relax and book your appointment at Āwili Spa. Here you’ll find treatments tailored to fit your needs with customized products and services.

Montage Kapalua Bay

This video is courtesy of the Montage Kapalua Bay

Montage Kapalua Bay's mission is to have the spirit of Hawaii merge with your own to create pono — a true sense of balance and harmony. If you’re the type of couple that loves to fill your schedule with unforgettable adventures, then Montage Kapalua Bay is the place for you. Here you’ll find helicopter tours, luaus, coastal guided hikes, ukulele lessons, and so much more.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai

These photos are courtesy of the Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons Resort Lanai sits just a moment away from some of the most scenic spots on the island. The resort provides a multitude of opportunities for you to immerse yourself in Lanai culture. For instance, you can take a guided sunrise hike to Pu'upehe, one of Lânai’s most iconic landmarks. Throughout your hike, your guide will share stories about the native history and traditions of Pu‘upehe. When you're not busy learning about the various traditions and customs of Lanai, you can spend your honeymoon lounging by the lagoon-style pools, strolling the botanical gardens, or unwinding at Hawanawana Spa. Here at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, the opportunities for adventure – and relaxation – are truly endless.


This video is courtesy of the Maldives_the Sunny Side of Life, showcasing the wonders of the Maldives!

If you haven't been to The Maldives, we recommend putting it on your bucket list!

The Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean, that spans across the equator. The country is comprised of 1192 islands that stretch along a length of 871 kilometers. While the country covers an area of approximately 90,000 square kilometers, only 298 square kilometers of that is dry land. The islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls.

It's hard to get to but well worth the trip. The final leg of your journey will be either by boat or seaplane. We recommend the seaplane. The trip is shorter and believe it or not, much less bumpy that the rocky boat ride!

Here are three of our favorite properties in the wonderful destination!

Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

These photos are courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands hotel takes a minimalist approach to luxury. The resort encompasses three islands and an overwater quay, five onsite restaurants and bars showcasing global cuisines, and a dive center offering a selection of watersports and underwater activities. The facilities offered at Ritz-Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Hotel are impeccable. However, one thing sets them above the rest, which is their Photography Studio. Not only can you rent professional equipment and take lessons, but if you sign up for their Portrait Session, you will be taken to 5 of the most beautiful and iconic locations on the island. A professional photo with a dreamy island background is the ideal honeymoon keepsake.

Cheval Blanc Randheli

Photos Courtesy

Cheval Blanc Randheli is also an excellent choice if you plan to visit the Maldives. In terms of your accommodations, the Cheval Blanc Randheli offers a total of seven different types of villas to choose from. The most popular choice is the water villa, surrounded by the sound of the sea is truly a magical experience. The other options offered are the lagoon villa, horizon villa, garden water villa, lagoon garden villa, island villa, and the Cheval Blanc Randheli Private Island. This hotel is also kid-friendly, just in case your long-awaited honeymoon also turns into a babymoon.

Four Seasons Explorer Yacht

This video is courtesy of the Four Seasons Explorer

Well, the expression is true we saved the best for last the Four Seasons Explorer Yacht is the ultimate adventure. Picture yourself exploring the beautiful crystal blue waters of Baa and Ari Atolls on your honeymoon.

Become friends with whale sharks or go snorkeling along remote reefs and untouched coral-rich thilas. Savor every moment of complete and utter bliss, and indulge in spa treatments on uninhabited islands. Your honeymoon is supposed to feel like a dream you never want to wake up from, and on the Four Seasons Explorer Yacht, your dream will come true!

** Dorrie McDaniels is a journalism student at Quinnipiac University. She is currently a summer intern at Heintz Media Group and is a staff writer for TravelAnne. **

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