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A Garden Paradise at Hotel Bel-Air

In Their Own Words

Hotel Bel-Air enjoys an enchanting setting like no other. Our 12 acres of lush landscaped gardens offer a real city haven. Let us share with you some of our scenic highlights that you won’t want to miss.

By: Jessica Berthold-Zuk, Hotel Bel-Air

Editors Note:

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Location, Location, Location!

Perched in the canyon of Bel-Air, an exclusive residential neighborhood, the location of Hotel Bel-Air has to be seen to be believed. The landscape envelopes you in an abundance of greenery, and fragrant florals add a delightful splash of color. Encouraged by Southern California’s subtropical climate and enhanced by the cooler air of the heavily-wooded canyon setting, a wealth of plant life flourishes here.

Swan Lake

Make a grand entrance to Hotel Bel-Air via our stone bridge and feel yourself being transported from the city to a beautiful sanctuary. Pause for a moment on the bridge to appreciate the immediate feeling of calm that comes over you as you gaze out across our enchanting Swan Lake. Don’t be surprised if Hercules, Odette and Chloe, our family of swans, glide gracefully across the water to greet you.

Made for Romance

As you make your way to the lobby you’ll notice our lush lawn alongside the lake, with its white gazebo perched in the corner. This most romantic of settings is a favorite place for weddings. The lawn is bordered by a wonderful array of plants and flowers including calla lilies and delicate jasmine. As you continue to cross the bridge, a large tree looms above you covered with bright red camellia flowers cascading off its branches.

Glorious Gardens

Outside the lobby there’s an aromatic orange tree filled with fruit, a great reminder that you’re in sun-kissed California. Carefully manicured ficus and privet hedges line the walkways that sprawl to the left and right, inviting you to discover more. As you amble along you’ll see colorful cyclamens, hydrangeas, gardenias and rose bushes in full bloom. Wander to the south end of the property to see a huge silk floss tree, covered in pink flowers, which was planted by Alfonzo Bell, the man who originally developed Bel-Air back in the 1920s.

Cool Courtyard

In the central courtyard, between our restaurant and pool, is a magnificent ginko tree. This tree is native to Eastern China and began life many years ago when a Chinese guest presented a seed to our landscape gardener that he then planted in our grounds. Other nearby trees to look out for are a large magnolia tree, which bursts into pink blossom, and an elegant Japanese maple by our restaurant patio.

Bountiful Bougainvillea

Last, but certainly not least, look out for our bountiful bougainvillea. This distinctive flower is synonymous with Hotel Bel-Air and you’ll find it dotted all around the property. The vibrant fuchsia flowers have been a signature of the hotel for over seventy years and make a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Our gardens at Hotel Bel-Air are a real delight for the senses. We invite you to wander and explore on your next visit to see what’s in bloom.

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