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Dear Explorer 9/17/20

The season is changing and even in the current reality, school is starting! After 6-months of lockdown, people are again planning for Fall and holiday travel. Whether it’s 2-days or 2-weeks, here’s how to be smart about you travel planning.

By: Anne Heintz

Editors Note:

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September is upon us and although I am always sad to see Summer go, I am definitely a four seasons kinda girl! For me it ushers in a sort of reset and I choose to be optimistic about it!

Oh, and I love Four Seasons Hotels too!

I am considered a “Preferred Partner” with Four Seasons. This is good for you because as a client, working through me, you receive higher value at a lower rate.

When I book your stay at a Four Seasons property, you receive complimentary daily breakfast and a $100 hotel credit which can be used toward food or spa. My clients can also check-in early and check out late (if available). PLUS, if an upgrade is available when you check in… that upgrade goes to you! Sometimes if I have a personal relationship with the sales person at the hotel they will do it if they can at point of booking.

Honestly, I can provide similar benefits at many hotel properties, but Four Seasons is a big name and after all, we are changing seasons!

With that in mind, here is the most important thing to remember: No booking is too small, nor an inconvenience for me. I’m as valuable to you planning your weekend get-away as I am planning a 2-week family holiday on the beach. It’s just smart for you to call me because I can get you more… and more is good!

Sorry I digress but I am so passionate about what I do that I get enthusiastically side-tracked! This weekly note gives me a chance to indulge myself in whatever is on my mind!

Now that school is back in session, whether remotely, in classroom or combination of the two, most of us need to “unpause.”

It’s time to think about what long weekends you might take as the leaves begin to turn. Think about where you might go to hunker down if school becomes remote, your office remains remote, and you are already depressed about the drop in temperature.

There are many beautiful homes and villas that I can book for you through providers that are familiar with their product. Also, I can even do certain VRBO and HVN apartments and homes! I’ve even booked one for myself!

The Four Seasons Punta Mita, which has both hotel rooms and villas even offers tutors! There are certain islands, such as Barbados and the Bahamas that will give you tax breaks for working from their islands. Creativity is the name of the game!

September is also the time to think about the upcoming Festive season. Believe it or not, some places in the Caribbean are already booked. Yes, there are islands that are open to us, some near and others farther away. Even if you decide to do a driving trip, do know that resorts that are in remote locations have experienced sell-outs through the summer and will continue to! Remember “the early bird gets the worm!”

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**Anne Heintz is an independent travel advisor based in Washington, DC who loves her work and always has her bag packed. She believes travel creates lasting memories and connections and is grateful to be able to share that with her clients. She is affiliated with Worldwide Travel Associates and Tzell Travel. She is the co-founder & namesake

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