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Updated: Apr 16

Things are starting to look up. Whether it’s people feeling more comfortable or just fed up with the lockdown, America is re-opening. More people are traveling and dining out. That thing staring us in the face? I think it’s the light at the end of the tunnel!

By: Anne Heintz

Editor’s Note:

Another mode of travel, namely cruising will also be back this summer. There is some speculation within the trade that July will see the beginning of itineraries out of USA ports, BUT in the meantime more cruise lines have announced sailings out of Bermuda, Nassau, St Maarten to name a few! If the high seas are calling you, Click Here to connect and I can find something for you that’s not too far away….

A year can seem a long time. My husband Les reminded me of that last Friday.

To set the scene, we try to reserve Friday nights for the two of us. We both run our own businesses and work very hard. As a result, Friday dinners have become a time to unwind, reflect and share our different experiences of the week.

Yup… it’s our date night!

The last few Fridays have been different from those over the last year or so because I’ve been… (hold your applause)… I’ve been busy!

Seeing the Light

Prior to the pandemic, Fridays were usually crazy busy. Many people tend to wait until the end of the week to confirm or make travel plans. It’s only natural. Most of us tend to put ourselves last in priority and because of that Friday afternoon seems like a reasonable deadline.

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Hence for years, Friday date-night has always tended to start around 8pm or later, which is fine because Les works late as well. But like everything else, that changed in 2020. Fridays dinners became “early bird seating” either at home or at a restaurant when we started to go out again.

This past Friday, we sat down at our table around 8:30pm. “Feels like old times,” Les said as he took off his mask. He smiled and winked at me… and for the first time in a long time I could see the light at the end of the tunnel staring me in the face!

Lessons of 2020!

The best part of all this is reconnecting with all of you! It feels so good to hear from more and more of you! I love “catching up” with what you and your family have been up to, and of course discussing your “dreams” and future plans.

2020 taught us many things. Among them is the fact that travel is vitally important… to our country, our economy and our emotional well-being. Let’s face it. We’re explorers and we don’t do well being locked down!

For me, 2020 has also reinforced that what I do is important to all of you. Travel after all is an investment in your well-being. The return is not just about creating value or finding the best travel deal. It’s more about helping you create memories and shared experiences with your family and friends.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about ways to help all of you become better explorers.

One idea that I’d like to float is helping each of you create your own individual 12-month travel calendar. This could include your big vacations as well as quick trips and holidays. It would help keep track of payment and document deadlines as well as cancellation requirements. It would also help both of us see the bigger picture of your overall travel goals.

We’re in the early stages of planning and I would love your feedback on this idea. You can connect with me directly at

This Week on TravelAnne!

This week we are featuring the Bahamas, with a special focus on Nassau. Why, you ask?

Well, it’s not far but easy to get to for many of you. A two or three night stay is possible if you can’t take more time off. The water is oh so blue and the beach is VERY pretty! It’s a great way to take a few “baby steps” and dangle your toes into traveling internationally once again.

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That is exactly what some of our younger family members did a few weeks ago and they will be sharing their experiences in this and other newsletters to come.

We too actually made a long weekend out of it 1 ½ years ago for our anniversary.

We stayed at the Rosewood Baha Mar and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The room product is extremely spacious, the bathrooms are gorgeous and the staff was so friendly!

We stayed in a studio suite which has both a bedroom and partitioned off living area with sofa bed. It even had its own mini fridge, stovetop and microwave which is a great add for young families.

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Although I am not particularly a casino-goer I know that a lot of you are. Rosewood gives you the “best of both worlds.” The Baha Mar complex consists of the Grand Hyatt in the middle as the anchor with the trendy SLS on one side and the Rosewood on the other side. If we wanted to play the slots, go to a gaming table, shop or eat in one of the complex’s many restaurants it was less than a 5 minute walk through a corridor to get to the Grand Hyatt. Not interested? No worries!

We enjoyed the serenity that the Rosewood offers. It is both elegant and stylish. It embraces the island’s British roots with its colonial contemporary style. My favorite spot, if not on the beach is the Library Lounge. Its truly a refuge with high coffered ceilings, herringbone floors and comfy sofas. The cocktails were beautifully mixed and presented in the finest of crystal. The staff was so personable you were hesitant to leave for dinner. One night we just ended up eating on the wide veranda outside of their door. We were even treated to fireworks! I decided they were in honor of our anniversary : )

Are you ready to start creating new memories after being cooped up for so long? Do you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up? Want to re-connect with an old friend that you haven’t been able to see? YOU too can do it, especially if you are vaccinated. Rosewood even offers complimentary Antigen tests at the property required before returning to the US!

Let’s explore your new dreams. I’m only an email or phone call away!

As Always, Happy Trails & Keep Dreaming,

**Anne Heintz is an independent travel advisor based in Washington, D.C. who creates lifetime memories for her clients located all over the world. She loves the fact that the journey creates memories and connections for her clients. She is affiliated with World-Wide Travel Associates in DC and Tzell Travel in NYC. She is co-founder and namesake of Anne can be reached at Follow her on Instagram @TravelAnneBlog

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