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Expedition Voyages are Calling Out to Millennials

Long time cruise fanatics know something is happening out there.. cruising is hot! Two years ago the cruise industry might not have survived, but now the cruise industry is asking itself how can it meet the demand?

By Staff Writer Alexis McCaffrey

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Cruising is not just for your grandparents! Many young professionals and Millennials have been drawn to cruising due to the creation of these new expedition cruises.

Expedition cruises are cruises that are centered around your once in lifetime type experience such as kayaking through the Amazon and being face to face with an adorable baby monkey.

Expedition cruises are definitely the move and even shows like the Bachelorette has promoted them. Although the prices are not for the faint of heart the experience makes up for it! Here are some of our favorite expedition voyages!

Seabourn Expedition Voyages

Locations: Antarctica & South America, Amazon, Artic, and Northwest Passage.

Centered around exploration and getting in touch with nature or perhaps even getting an close up view of it. The expedition teams are smaller and lead by head academics or scientists in the fields. One thing that is special only to the Seabourn Expedition Voyages is there underseas experience in submarine!

Ritz Yacht Collection

Locations: Canada & New England, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North Europe & Baltic, and Crossing Voyages.

The Ritz Yacht is smaller more intimate experience that combines adventuring and top-quality service. A personal concierge is assigned to each suite to ensure passengers are getting all their needs attended to and are more than comfortable while onboard. The name "Evirma" comes from the Greek language meaning "discovery" that pairs perfectly with the yachting lifestyle. “The great thing about yachting is you’re in complete control — whether you’re at anchor or at a dock,” says Doug Prothero, CEO and founder of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. “We have the ability to make something up as we go along — and that is the yachting lifestyle" (Travel+Leisure).

SilverSea Expedition Voyages

Locations: Africa & Indian Ocean, American West Coast, Antarctica, Artic & Greenland, Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean & Central America, Galápagos Islands, South America and South Pacific Islands.

SilverSea offers more locations and expedition experiences that cater towards your hunger for adventure. Taking you to any parts of the Earth and setting no boundaries for what can and can't be done. To make your experience more immersive with each place you visit there is special menu catered to the culinary delights of that region.

Virgin Voyages

Locations: Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific, and Transatlantic.

A tech savvy expedition voyage that was even featured on the well-known show "The Bachelorette" has gained traction. From it's record store, to it's infinity room, and arcrade they have it all! They even have wellbeing services accessible to all passengers to help keep you de-stressed and focused on having fun in the moment. They offer various entertainment services to keep you company on-board.

Sea Dream Yacht

Locations: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic and Wine Voyages.

Wine Voyages are unique only to Seam Dream and offer a fun tipsy experience while in a beautiful place. The Sea Dream similar to the Ritz because they are not considered "cruises" but rather yachts focused on smaller and more personal experiences. Their cuisine is focused on making you feel good and offers variety of dietary options (gf,df,v).

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**Alexis McCaffrey is a senior at George Mason University completing her Bachelors Degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She is also a intern with Heintz Media Group, and is a staff writer for



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