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TravelAnne Video Favorite! The Fabric of The Bahamas

Updated: Apr 16

Androsia Batik has been called the unofficial fabric of The Bahamas, and it’s been handmade on Andros Island since the very beginning. While we're sure tours are not available right now, this is a wonderful video offers an inside view of a vibrant part of the rich Bahamian culture.

Courtesy of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation

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Born in the 1960s on a beach, Androsia began as a small, family-driven effort. Rosi Birch brought the art of batiking–an ancient Indonisian dyeing process–to the shores of Andros.

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During the early days of seaside stamping and dyeing experiments, the vibrant Bahamian spirit quickly revealed itself in the process and the finished product. It wasn’t long before Androsia became the unofficial national fabric of The Bahamas.

Throughout the islands, Androsia can be found in souvenir shops, in guest houses and hotels, and in the homes of locals. And, now, it’s not unusual to find it in the homes of visitors lucky enough to take the factory tour - and enjoy a chance to create their very own Bahamian batik right where it all began.

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