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Welcome to TravelAnne!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

An introduction to what we hope will become a valuable travel resource during (and after) the challenges caused by COVID-19.

By: Les Heintz

Editors Note:

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When I typed the headline to this article, I had to pause for a moment. I realized that this crazy idea is about to become something very real. We started building this platform about 3 months ago, but we’ve been talking about it for at least ten years. The process has been more challenging than expected, which I suppose is true for anything worthwhile.

Welcome to TravelAnne (sorry, I had to write it again). Thank you for checking us out. We hope this site becomes one of your favorite destinations. The site will be updated on a regular basis and we hope you visit us at least once a week.

This week we’ll be featuring resort and hotel destinations in Palm Beach, Florida. We also offer details about our experience traveling during the pandemic. This includes traveling by car and commercial passenger flights. There are additional articles on Paris and Tahiti, for those of you who want to dream… as well as information on how to lockdown at a vacation resort!

TravelAnne is intended to be a resource for travelers and an outlet for creative writers. While our site is born from this crazy pandemic, we intend to be around long after COVID-19 is in our collective rear-view mirror.

First, a little bit about us and how we came to be.

TravelAnne is very much a family venture. Long time Travel Advisor Anne Heintz is the co-founder and our namesake. Media executive Les Heintz (me) is the other co-founder and our Executive Editor. Confirmed millennial Natalie Heintz is our Social Media Director and will also be a Staff Writer on occasion.

I mentioned earlier that this project has been a few years in the making. It’s an idea hatched during multiple family discussions, usually over a glass of wine at a wonderful and exotic destination. We decided to launch now for two simple reasons. Like many of you, we have time on our hands. But more importantly, we believe that people need something to look forward to as the world struggles with these crazy times.

Americans are explorers at heart. It’s just who we are. Some of you are comfortable traveling right now. Others are still on the sidelines waiting to get into the game. Either way, we hope you find the content on this platform informative and entertaining. Here’s what you will find:

TravelAnne will feature material that is both visual and in-depth. We will strive to offer a conversational and creative writing style. Some articles will be short blog posts, while others will be more in-depth. The content will come from three primary sources:

  • Independent writers including Anne, Les, staff writers and outside submissions.

  • Travel publications who allow us to re-post their material on our site.

  • Travel service providers such as hotels, tour operators, airlines, car rental companies and so on.

Our regular features will include:

Dear Explorers: This is Anne’s regular column featuring up-to-date travel information and insightful perspective for current and soon-to-be travelers.

Ask Anne: Answers to questions from our readers and fellow travelers.

In Their Own Words: Articles written by our alliance partners: hotels, tour operators, sales reps and so on.

Resort & Hotel Profiles: Our take on some of the best places to stay

TravelAnne Checklist: The basic 411 so you can make informed decisions on hotels & resorts

Snapshots: Fun video & photos

For those of you who feel especially invested in this site, and share our love of the journey, we are open to outside submissions. Our guidelines can be found the “Contact” section of our site.

Finally, our sincere thanks for visiting this site. We are honored to have you here and will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty.

Welcome to TravelAnne! (third time is a charm!)

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**Les Heintz is Co-founder & Executive Editor of He is also an independent television producer and media consultant based in Washington, DC. He is Executive Producer of multiple television series including “The McLaughlin Group” which has been relaunched on Public Broadcasting stations nationwide. Follow him on Twitter @LesHeintz57 or email Les at