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Dear TravelAnne Explorers The March Madness Edition!

March is finally here. More of you are getting the vaccine and planning to venture forth! Many of you are again willing to get on a commercial flight. Some of you are talking about a cruise or Europe and the UK. We’ve come so far in the last 12-months. We can do this!

By Anne Heintz

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Hurray we’ve made it to March 2021!! We’ve already been through “madness” and now I feel as though we are starting to see the other side. YES I know that we have to be careful and not become complacent. We will forge forward with a whole lot more awareness about crowds and cleanliness and keep mindfulness in our repertoire as well.

I am getting a lot more optimistic emails and calls from my “explorers.” It is SO good to see and hear the hope in your voices! I have had a number of clients tick off multiple trips that they want to plan this year.

Let’s get the party started!

There is much more discussion about vaccine passports being the key to our freedom to travel internationally without having to quarantine! There are already a few apps that may be used to download your information. In any event make sure you keep the card given to you at the testing site. Keep it in a safe place with your passport!

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So far at least ten countries that weren’t open before will now welcome you with your vaccine “golden ticket.” More are rumored to be on the horizon. For you cruisers out there I am happy to report that there are a few cruise lines that ARE operating successfully in other parts of the world. The smaller expedition size ships will be the first to come back closer to our waters, with more to follow! Crystal Cruises came out last week and said that they will require all crew and passengers to be vaccinated. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that be the “norm.”

This week we’re focusing on the southern-most destination in the continental United States… Key West, Florida. The reason is simple.

In our year-end reader survey, 50% of you told us that you’re dreaming about being on a beach in ’21 with a heavy dose of sunshine. On Instagram we asked: “Where do you want to go on your next trip?” The destination mentioned more than any other was Key West!

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Certainly the results are not too surprising considering the time of year. A beach destination came through with flying colors and Key West was the most frequent response.

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I have been to Key West… but only once. It was a quick trip to look at wedding venues. Unfortunately it was not the kind of trip to just “hang out” and enjoy down time. That said, I saw enough to know this:

I WANT to go back!

There are so many great restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. The sunset memorable and the water oh so blue. Key West has a personality all to its own and resonates with the young and young at heart!

A nice segue to the fact that TravelAnne is going to feature the words of two millennials near and dear to my heart. They will give you further insight into their experiences. We look forward to featuring more articles from clients and TravelAnne Explorers in the future. PLEASE share as more of you venture forth!. We can keep you anonymous if you prefer!

Speaking of happy travelers, we completed our first 2-night giveaway last month. It was in partnership with the wonderful Sagamore Pendry Baltimore. Thanks to all of you who entered and rest assured there will be more giveaways to come!

As for us, we are touring the sunshine state of Florida with a side trip to Savannah! Look for that content plus coverage of Europe and the UK for those of you ready to start planning your next adventure!

As always, Happy Trails & Keep Dreaming!

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