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Travel Advisors Day!

National Travel Advisor Day is dedicated to celebrating the skills and knowledge of the nation’s travel advisors and all that they do to help the traveling public.

By: TravelAnne Staff Writers

Editor's Note:

Whether it's a 2-week vacation or a 2-day stay-cation, TravelAnne is your go-to advisor.


As self-serving as it may seem, we have received a number of texts, DMs and emails about the fact that May 5th is Travel Agent Day, so we thought we’d share a bit about the day!

As far as we can tell, Travel Agent/Advisor Appreciation Day started over 10-years ago in Canada. Franky, we’re not sure by whom, but it was a gesture by the travel industry to counter a growing perception among travel advisers that the big hotels and cruise lines were becoming less agent-friendly and that they were trying to build their direct bookings at the expense of agents.

As Jerry McGuire (or someone like that) said “follow the money.”

Research has shown that consumers who book with travel advisers take more trips each year, take longer trips and spend more money per day on a trip than those booking through any other channel. It is the highest-margin business a supplier could hope for.

While we appreciate all the industry support, we LOVE the fact that we’ve heard from so many TravelAnne Explorers today.

Honestly, we didn’t really know it was Travel Advisor Day until you told us. It’s still Cinco de Mayo to us, but we’re thrilled to have another excuse to raise our Margarita glasses and toast the journey!

Editor’s Note:

Another mode of travel, namely cruising will also be back this summer. By mid- July we should see the beginning of itineraries out of USA ports, BUT in the meantime more cruise lines have announced sailings out of Bermuda, Nassau, St Maarten to name a few! If the high seas are calling you....


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