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TravelAnne Video Favorite! A Fly Fishing Dream! Andros, Bahamas

Updated: Apr 16

On Andros, land and water intertwine. Mangrove cays, endless miles of sandy flats, and winding creeks and channels traverse the largest island in The Bahamas. Tarpon, permit, and bonefish swim these waters. They’re easy to miss, and fishing for them requires a trained eye.

By TravelAnne Staff Writers Media Courtesy The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation

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To catch fish in these waters, you have to get to know them first. No one knows the fish in these waters like the local guides do!

Out on the flats, your guide knows just what to look for. The right waters — low tide spots with soft, steady ripples along the surface. And the tell-tale movement of a fish — a silver glimmer or a bit of kicked up sand. Follow your guide's direction — “fish at 2 o’clock, 15 yards”— and the odds of a catch are in your favor.

And if you come up empty, it’s still a day spent on the water.

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The videos produced by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation are among the best travel videos out there. We are huge fans. Enjoy!

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